A perfect Mattress can help you slip into that fairyland with good night sleep. If your current Mattress isn’t allowing proper sleep, it’s time to switch to a better one with Beds2Buy and our wide array of Mattresses available at our online store. You can choose from the variety of firm or plush Mattresses along with different height and material that suits your requirement.

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    Hamlet Mattress – The depth of the Mattress is approx 23cm.  It’s the luxury of a memory Mattress that contours to the shape of your body.  It comes with a 13.5 gauge coil spring and edge support wire to retain shape throughout it’s lifetime of practicality.  It also boasts of featuring generous pad fillings with memory layer.  The elegance of cool touch fabric on one side for the winter and Damask fabric for the summer.  Multi season Mattress.  You can’t choose the season, however you can choose the side to sleep on.

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    Hulton Mattress – This beautiful example of a Mattress with a whopping 27cm approx depth is a self speaking feature.  This comes with a stronger 12.5 gauge coil for the firmness oppose to softer coil used reputably by our competitors.  Polyester fillings, alongside other key fillings to revolutionise the firm sleep you require.  Heavy quality Damask material used.  The full orthopaedic Mattress given it’s firmness.

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    1200 Clayton Mattress – Top selling quality Mattress which features many quality fillings.  It begins with individual pocket sprungs that support each part of the body with equal comfort distribution.  This enhancement also ensures the Mattress does not sag unequally.  Generous multiple layers consisting of quality reflex foam layer, memory foam & encapsulation foam that provides edge to edge comfort, finished with superior quality quilted fabric as the final layer to unwind your body.

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    2000 Pocket Sprung Mattress – Ultimate quality Mattress brought to you.  It boasts multiple fillings within it’s 25cm depth.  With individual pocket sprungs that support each part of the body with equal comfort distribution.  Polyester cushioned both end of the sprung units.  This enhancement also ensures the Mattress does not sag unequally and has many more fillings to perfect this Mattress.  Tufted Mattress with quality tencil fabric material for the much needed comfort in the winter.  Reversible for the summer season with Damask fabric.  Dual season Mattress that provides a pleasant sleep, no matter what season it is.

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    Tufted Pocket Sprung Mattresses are highly preferred among the modern day users. It is not just comfortable, but good for health at the same time as well. Beds2Buy provides the best quality Tufted 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress at attractively low budget. These products can be availed in a great variety as well.

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