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Privacy Policy

Beds2Buy ensures ample security for the protection of your privacy. The 1998 Data Protection Act lawfully collects the information used by us. The information collected by us is used for better processing of your order and dispatch. We refrain from storing any credit card details and do not practice customer data sharing with any third party. The emails sent by us are only with your consent.

Our email practices are compliant with the law for Privacy & Electronic Communications Act which was passed on 11 December 2003. We refrain from sending any random marketing based emails that tend to move to the spam folders of the customers.

We always acquire your consent before collection of any sensitive information about you. All information held by us is updated and accurate. All the information held by us can be cross-checked via an email. Any inaccuracies can be corrected with just an email with the correct details.

Beds2Buy might make use of behavioral pattern tracking system at the website to understand the customer and provide best suggestions for easy purchasing. This includes cookies stored in your browser. You can change this anytime you desire with the browser setting by disabling cookies.

The information extracted by this process can help in the customer identification unless the same is disabled. For further queries regarding the privacy policies, kindly contact us on 0121 66 16558 or email us at [email protected].

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